Good flavour & shelf life

Type of product: Strawberry

Type of variety: Short Day

Production period: Mid-season

Plant type: Vigorous and upright

Fruit Size: Medium

Fruit Shape: Conical-Elongated

Growing Areas: Temperate climates; Souther Spain, along the Mediterranean, Northern Africa

General Description

Inspire is a variety with very stable production from the start through to the end of the season. Its large upright stems make picking very easy in addition to aerating the plant well to reduce the possibility of getting Botritis or mildew, ensuring a healthy plant. The plant is strong and robust, making it unlikely to be affected by pests. The fruit is elongated and medium size, light red in colour, and smooth. The sugar content is high throughout its season, maintaining a high level during peak production, putting it among the LEADING varieties in this area. The flavour is spectacular throughout its season and enjoyed by anyone who picks up this type of fruit. The skin is sturdy, withstanding the most difficult of picking conditions, while its shelf life is second only to Victory. This means it can reach any market in fine conditions.

What the Expert says

Take care not to over nitrogenate as this could cause the plants to produce too much vegetation, which may impede the light reaching the fruit. It is highly resistant to deseases being strongly resistant to mildew.

What the Consumer says

Inspire is not your ordinary strawberry, there is no comparison with any others found on the market. Its shape is different and allows it to stand out from others, but it is the first mouthful that really pulls you in. Tasty and juicy, it is a unique experience. What’s more, the fact that it makes it home in perfect conditions and lasts so long in the fridge makes it the ideal purchase.

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