Very best shelf life

Type of product: Strawberry

Type of variety: Short Day

Production period: Mid-season

Plant Type: Vigurous

Fruit Size: Medium

Fruit Shape: Heart-shaped

Growing Areas: Temperate climates; Souther Spain, along the Mediterranean, Northern Africa

General Description

Victory is an early variety with regular production throughout the whole season. It is a rustic variety that stands out mainly for the post-harvest life of its fruits, unparalleled in any other variety, being able to reach the most distant destinations. Its skin is firm and very resistant to friction even in the most unfavorable conditions. The fruit that it produces is heart shaped with a very attractive visual aspect, with its great flavor, optimal Brix levels and stable caliber throughout the season. The fruit has a deep red exterior color and light red interior.

What the Expert says

Victory is a very rustic variety, characteristic that makes it very resistant to vascular fungal diseases, in addition its vigorous plant makes its fertilization needs less than other varieties.

What the Consumer says

Victory fruits looks great in the supermarket; it also surprises that it still looks wonderful after a few days in the fridge, besides which its flavor is delicious.

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