Early and very productive

Type of product: Strawberry

Type of variety: Short Day

Production period: Early

Plant type: Compact

Fruit size: Medium – Large

Fruit Shape: Conical

Growing Areas: Temperate climates; Souther Spain, along the Mediterranean, Northern Africa

General Description

Splendor is an early variety that continues producing fruit at a consistent rate during the full cycle. Its plant size is medium/small, which makes for efficient harvesting. Splendor fruit is medium to large in size, with very good conical shape.

The fruit has a deep red color both on the outside and the inside. Very well accepted by the majority of current global markets; both fresh and industry / processing markets. Splendor’s flavor is the perfect mixture between sweet and acid, maintaining a very acceptable brix level during the full cycle.

Splendor’s fruit skin is firm and highly resistant to damage, which makes it capable of reaching its markets without any problem during the full cycle of production.

What the Expert says

As Splendor tends toward minimal vegetation, it is advisable to apply fertilizers early in its plant structure development to assist it in its growth; this is what we mean by “making the plant”.

What the Consumer says

We love the colour and apperance of Splendor, the taste reminds us of the real seasonal strawberries.

Types of plant we sell

When the plants are available

Tray Plant

September & October

Bare root plant


Frigo Plant

July to September

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