Productivity & quality

Type of product: Strawberry

Type of product: Day-neutral

Production period: May to November

Plant Type: Vigurous

Fruit Size: Medium

Fruit Shape: Heart-shaped

Growing Areas: Areas with a temperate climate; Northern Europe

General Description

A variety that is commplete in all ways. The fruit is notably homogeneous and a glossy dark reed in colour. Stable production throughout the season. Stable sugar content throughout the production cycle.

What the Expert says

A variety with plenty of vegetation and average fertiliser needs. Average sensitivity to ground-based fungus.

What the Consumer says

The classic strawberry: acidic yet sweet.

Types of plant we sell

When the plants are available

Tray Plant

November to December

Bare root plant

November to December

Frigo Plant

January to May

Frigo Tray Plant

January to May

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