The taste of the north

Type of product: Strawberry

Type of variety: June Bearer

Production period: Seasonal

Plant type: Rustic and compact

Fruit Size: Medium to small

Fruit Shape: Conical

Growing Areas: Central and Northern Europe.

General Description

The Polka fruit is very uniform in shape, dark red in colour and tastes good. Yields are high. Polka is particularly suited to colder climes, coping well with the freezing temperatures in Northern Europe. Polka is much liked eaten fresh or juiced.

What the Expert says

Polka is always very productive if the right fertiliser is used and the high water needs tended to.

What the Consumer says

We love the taste and smell of the Polka.

Types of plant we sell

When the plants are available

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November to December

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January to August

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January to August

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June to August

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