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Type of product: Strawberry

Type of variety: Short Day

Production period: Super-early

Plant type: Compact

Fruit Size: Medium

Fruit Shape: Conical

Growing Areas: Temperate climates; Souther Spain, along the Mediterranean, Northern Africa

General Description

Yasmin is a very rustic extra-early variety that, in pots, produces in just over a month from planting. It provides a considerable amount of high quality fruit in November. Production is very stable, with none of the typical hiatus expected from potted plants. This fruit permits high productivity over a short period of time, during a time of year when there is little by way of strawberry production. The fruit is conical in shape, dark red, and medium in caliber. Its compactness makes it easier to pick and ensures plant health. Very juicy and extremely tasty. Its sugar content (Bx) remains high throughout its productive life.

What the Expert says

The Yasmin plant is compact, meaning strong fertilisers can be used without it growing too much. This enables plantation density to be increased without negatively impacting the health of the plant or production or fruit quality.

What the Consumer says

You buy it beacuse of how it looks, and buy it again because of its taste.

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