Early season quality.

Type of product: Strawberry

Type of variety: Short Day

Production period: Semi-early

Plant type: Vigorous and upright

Fruit Size: Medium

Fruit Shape: Conical-Elongated

Growing Areas: Temperate climates; Souther Spain, along the Mediterranean, Northern Africa

General Description

BG 113205 is a variety that responds really well to the needs of a grower operating in the most demanding markets, where early production and fruit quality and colour are of importance to make the fruit irresistible on the shelves of the supermarket. This variety has a stable production, while its flowers project vertically above the leaves, making picking very easy. It is perfectly adapted to plantations in a Mediterranean climate and has an excellent shelf life, meaning it reaches the typical export markets in fine conditions.

What the Expert says

Ensure suitable plantation density to enable proper aeration and light exposure for the fruit. It is recommended that technical steps are taken to avoid leaf diseases appearing in humid conditions. Avoid excessive nitrogenation for the same reason.

What the Consumer says

It is a fruit that stands out because of its colour and gloss, making you go for it when you see it on the shelves.

Types of plant we sell

When the plants are available

Tray Plant

September & October

Bare root plant


Frigo Plant

July to September

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