Excellent variety for processing

Type of product: Strawberry

Type of variety: June Bearer

Production period: Seasonal

Plant Type: Robust

Fruit Size: Large to medium

Fruit Shape: Conical

Growing Areas: Central and Northern Europe.

General Description

Senga Sengana is a tasty juicy strawberry with reed pulp. For years it has been one of the best varieties for processing, though it is equally as good eaten fresh. It is a productive variety. It has a late-season production cycle in its production area. Highly resistant to ground-based diseases and nematodes.

What the Expert says

Technnical steps need to be applied against leaf funus diseases, such as Botrytis and webs.

What the Consumer says

We have fun making Senga Sengana into all kinds of confectionery, jams and shakes.

Types of plant we sell

When the plants are available

Tray Plant

November to December

Frigo Tray Plant

January to August

Frigo Plant

January to August

Wating Bed

June to August

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